I composed and performed the music, recorded the voice-overs, did the audio post-production and created the final mix for Health Warrior's Kickstarter campaign.



I have been engineering, producing and recording my own and others' music since I was a teenager.  Here's a few examples of some tracks I produced and mixed.


Writing music to embody a specific genre or mood for a film or theater production is a challenging part of what I like to do in creating music.

Session work

I have performed on Bass, Guitar, Saxophone and Keyboards as a session musician in a variety of studios including Gary Paczosa's studio, Master Sound, Clay Garden, Electroganic, Soul Haven and Waves of Sound.  I also work out of my home studio when completing work for clients and working on my original projects.


I am fluent with Sibelius and Finale and have written arrangements for a variety of groups including string orchestra, horn sections, guitar ensemble, vocal ensembles and have done copyist work for Jae Sinnett's last 4 albums.

Jackson Five Medley

Arranged by Steve Lazar

Double Dribble

by Jae Sinnett